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Sun Kissed Tanning Spa is a Smart Tan Member Salon.
What is a Smart Tan Salon?

Smart Tan Member Salons adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure the best indoor tanning experience possible:

  • Smart Tan Salon operators are fully trained in UV light administration
  • Professional staff properly teaches sunburn prevention indoors and out
  • Professional operators insist clients wear FDA approved protective eyewear
  • Smart Tan Salons meet the highest sanitation standards

How does indoor tanning work?
More than 90 percent of professional indoor tanning units emit about the same UVA and UVB light, in regulated doses, similar to summer sun. Recommended exposure schedules developed by the U.S. FDA in cooperation with the tanning industry allow trained indoor tanning operators to set incremental exposure times, based on the “skin type” of a customer.

Is indoor tanning more intense than sunlight?
While tanning units may be 2-3 times as intense as summer sun, the duration of exposure is controlled; therefore, the total UV output is controlled to minimize the risk of sunburn.

Are there any benefits to indoor tanning?
Aside from its cosmetic benefits, indoor tanning is often considered nature’s sunscreen. Trained operators can give a tanner controlled UV exposures to gradually develop a “base tan.” The tanning process actually creates natural protection against sunburn.

Also, exposure from indoor tanning allows the body to make vitamin D, “The Sunshine Vitamin.”

*Information based on Smart Tan Salon training*

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